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Celeb of the month: Nicole Richie

I’m loving Nicole this month as she carries off almost every look with ease, she has never looked better and never looks like she is trying too hard. She is a hard working mum who has come a long way since her "simple life" days.

I love her make up as during the day she keeps it fresh looking and very minimal usually appearing to only be wearing a lip gloss and a flick of mascara, yet in the evening she really knows how to glam it all up making the most of her doll like eyes and sticking to the rule heavy eyes means minimal lips.

Keep up the good work Nicole. We love ya x

This season is seeing more and more celebs who appear to be wearing no make - up (obviously this is not the case). This just got out of bed look is a difficult look to pull off but done right its amazing -

  1. First apply a light foundation - it has to be applied evenly and not look like a mask.
  2. Cover any blemish/spot with concealer using a brush and blend in.
  3. Use a highlighter under eyes and trace over wrinkles, then blend - the highlighter will reflect light so you appear to have a flawless skin.
  4. Use a cream blusher on the apple of your cheeks, apply with a brush or sponge so it blends.
  5. Dust very lightly over the face with a bronzer to give the natural sun-kissed look.
  6. Curl eyelashes and comb eyebrows.
  7. Apply brown mascara, just one coat.
  8. Apply a your fave lip gloss or even a smear or Vaseline to create luscious lips.


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