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How to Clean your make-up brushes

How to Clean your make-up brushes

ll make-up artists will tell you that their make-up brushes are the most worthy investment in their kit. With the right care, a quality set never need be replaced. Here’s how to make your make-up brushes last a lifetime…

Mac body buffer

Mac body buffer

This little beauty is designed for the application of both emulsion and powder formulas to the body, it makes application and quick and easy and blends perfectly, leaving a flawless application. RRP £35.00

When should I throw make-up away?

When should I throw makeup away?

Make-up can go out of date, you just don't know when as make-up manufactures don't legally have to add an expiry date. So it's up to us to know when is the right to time to throw old make-up away...

Hold back time - Tua Viso

Hold back time - Tua Viso

Voted Anti aging gadget of the year, judged by Grazia magazine health editor, Brigid Moss "Described Tua Viso as a non surgical facelift, you apply a luxurious face cream then run the gently vibrating wand across your face, The fluttery sensation is relaxing, and the result - a tauter look and feel -is instantly apparent"

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This Month's Must Haves...

Susie's recommendations for the best makeup products available on the hight street this month.


Complacency not an option during beauty 'glory years'

Achieving a showbiz-style glamorous grin could all be down to simple gum maintenance, according to experts...

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Importance of a good smile not to be underestimated, say experts

Investing in preventative products in your twenties is key to maintaining radiant skin right through to old age, it has been suggested...

RSPCA Good Business Awards

Animal welfare - a growing concern for cosmetic consumers

A total of 57% of UK consumers see animal welfare as an important ethical consideration when buying products, a considerable increase from 48% a year ago...

New Bobby Brown Cream Eyeliner

New Bobby Brown Cream Eyeliner...

This Bobby Brown eyeliner is great. It goes on easier than a traditional liquid liner, but you will need to apply it with a quality fine-tip brush...

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Natural & organic cosmetics soaring

Global sales of natural & organic cosmetics are soaring with revenues projected to approach US $7 billion this year...

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