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Here is my personal list of top tips and tricks of the trade. Basically I want to share these little gems with you to make your life easier. This list will only get longer I won’t be deleting it at any point.

Clear mascara

Use to tame wild eyebrows (ladies or gents). On lashes when your going for the no make up look and a must for holidays round the pool or on the beach.

Translucent powder

Use to set foundation  - this will make your makeup last loads longer – make sure you apply with a powder puff by pressing on to the skin, then dust off the excess with a clean brush. Also great for applying under the eyes when using a dark eye-shadow as it will catch any pigment that drops and then can easily be wiped away with a clean brush.


Foundation is a great eraser when you make an error with you eye shadow or eye liner, simply apply a small amount of foundation to the cotton bud and wipe away the mistake. Brilliant!

Puffy eyes

Put 2 table spoons in the freezer for 10 mins then hold against puffy eyes, works every time.

Prevent wrinkles

Wear sunglasses all year round when outside, this prevents you squinting in the bright light helping to prevent wrinkles.

False eyelashes

Apply mascara to your own eyelashes before applying false eyelashes, not only does it make the overall look mote dramatic but helps the false ones stay in place.

One minute makeover

When going straight out after work for a quick make over apply red lipstick, this will instantly make you look more glam and like you have made an effort. Reds can be bought in many different shades, some appear more orange some more pink and some more brown. This means there is a shade out there for all of us!

Two looks from the same eye shadow

Change to shade of your eye-shadow simply by dipping your brush in water before loading your brush with your chosen colour. This makes the eye-shadow more intense and the colour will be brighter. I find this works best with Matt eye-shadows and is particularly good when you are going for a dark colour as it also stops the pigment dropping on your cheek.

The ultimate eyelash curl

For fab curled eyelashes first warm the curlers up with your hairdryer this will set the eye lashes in the desired curl. *Nb only slightly warm them, DO NOT use on your eyes if they feel hot.

Brighter eyes

Apply White eyeliner to the lower eye lid (inner) for brighter fresher eyes.

Vintage red lips

Get that vintage inspired red lips by using a concealer around the edge of your lips, then stain the lips with 2 shades of red. Use a darker red in the center of the lips and the lighter red towards the edges.

Shiny eyes

For high shine on eye lids use a lip gloss but remember the shinier the gloss the less amount of time it will stay in place.

Get the glow

Make skin glow as if you've been drinking 10 glasses of water a day, to achieve this look highlight cheekbones with a frosted off-white shadow.

Lasting lip colour

Get your rich lip color to last all day by applying your lipstick with a lip brush and topping with a coat of translucent powder do this three times in a row, and I promise your lipstick wont budge all day - You can also top with gloss if you'd like.

Blusher too bright?

No problem - you can tone down a too bright cheek stain, with a touch of foundation over the stain, this will give cheeks a more subtle glow.

Matt lips

You want a matte lip look without buying a new shade, dust a bit of powder over your lipstick to tone down the shine.

Fuller eye brows

For a full brow look, even if you've over plucked, grab brow powder in a shade that matches your brows and a brow brush. Start by brushing brows up, then fill in with powder under the arch for a more pronounced look.

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Susie's Top Tips

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