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When should I throw make-up away?

When should I throw make-up away?

Make-up can go out of date, you just don't know when as make-up manufactures don't legally have to add an expiry date. So it's up to us to know when is the right to time to throw old make-up away.

To help we have put together some rough time scales, which you should keep in mind when clearing out your make-up bag:

Make-up sponges: 1 month. Yes, 1 month! Even if you clean your make-up sponge a regular basis they still collect and hold bacteria. You really don't want to be spreading bacteria round your face with your foundation - not a nice thought!

Cream eyeshadows, eyeliners and blushers: About 4 - 6 months, powder ones last much longer.

Powder blushers or eyeshadows:
These should last at least 2 years, this however is assuming you always apply with a clean brush.

Mascara: A maximum of 3 months. Once used the mascara wand it becomes a perfect home for bacteria, and remember never ever reuse your mascara if you have had an eye infection.

Liquid Foundation, finishing powder and lipstick: All last about 1 year unless you notice a change in smell, colour, or consistency, in this case bin it straight away.

Pencils liners: Eye and lip liners should keep for about 3 year, but do remember to sharpen them regularly after using.

So I'm handing the responsibility over to you to spread the word - Its not all bad, if you have to bin half your make-up bag at least it means you can go shopping for some more!

Enjoy x

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