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Wedding makeup - questions and answers

This page contains wedding makeup questions and answers, I have recently been asked. If you have a question you would like answering, please don't hesitate to send me an email at I will do my best to answer each one individually and upload them to the site.

Q. What type of mascara should I wear on my wedding day?

Always make it water proof mascara on your wedding day, your bound to cry at some point! If you are using a professional makeup artist I'm sure they will already be using a waterproof based mascara.

Q. Should my makeup be done after my hair is styled?
Stacey - Cardiff

Yes, it is always best to have your makeup applied after your hair has been styled.

Q. Should I discuss my hair style with my makeup artist and vice versa?

Yes, this is very important both your makeup artist and hair stylist know what each will be doing. As both will need to work well together on your big day and make you look delicious!

Q. Do I need a practice session before my wedding day?

Yes, always have a practice makeup session before your day, especially if you are using a professional makeup artist that's new to you or even a friend. You must make sure you're 100% happy. I would also recommend asking to see a makeup portfolio, even before you go ahead with the trial.

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